AWAKE: The Dreamer Awakes To Primary Presence was created in 2007 to record the metaphysical explorations
and ideas I was researching and living Seven years and 466 articles later I put this information in a eBook form easily navigated by any mobile device or reader.  That’s right EVERY post I ever wrote is there and listed in the index for
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Multidimensional exploration, shifting to alternative event streams and parallel universes, overcoming space and time to live as a Supreme Being … does that sound like a sci-fi fantasy? Something for the future? Well it’s not a fantasy, the information is available NOW and here is the guide you need.

Existence is all there ‘is’. Non-existence obviously doesn’t ‘exist’
Existence is an indestructible unbounded presence/essence of awareness
containing an indestructible unified energetic field which oscillates
vibrationally between one prime vibration and branching into infinite
variations of it.

During the energetic cycle, the ENERGY expands and evolves as patterns,
forms, and bodies, and the AWARENESS evolves into minds and beings and
ultimately ‘conscious intelligent or Supreme beings.

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REMEMBER you only need to do six exercises and implement three steps to transform
your reality from living as a primate to living as a Supreme Being or consciousness; and you’ll find
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Do you think that’s AIR that you’re breathing?

Subjective consciousness…
indestructible energy that is aware or ‘senses’ that it exists.

Your ‘body’ is consciousness vibrating in a repetitious pattern.

The pattern you call your ‘lungs’ is consciousness vibrating in a repetitious pattern.

The patterns we call ‘oxygen molecules’ are consciousness vibrating in repetitious
patterns and on and on.

and ultimately it’s all YOU.

See The Eternal Cycle for more on you.

Why is it empowering to change our mind about what’s really happening here?
To see everything as ‘consciousness’ instead of individual objects and people?

It frees our souls to leave the nest (body) and experience ourselves as multidimensional
beings … the next stage in our evolution.

Our time in objective reality and individual forms was only a stepping-stone to develop the
intelligence we needed to discover who we are, where we are, and what’s really going on
here, and now it’s time to move on to greater heights of awareness.

More details and exercises here.

Your individual perspective, developed in an objective experience of three-dimensions, has
evolved a morphogenetic field or ‘soul’ over countless lifetimes.

This next stage where we can go in and out of our three-dimensional forms does NOT mean
we turn into one homogeneous sea of conscious bliss .. that’s about 150 trillion years down
the road ( if the Hindus are correct in their counting ) when existence returns completely
to it’s simpliest vibrational expression to rest before starting another cycle.



PS: I’m not saying there is no such thing as ‘air’ …
or ‘three-dimensional laws’ it’s how these patterns fit together and
co-exist, I’m only pointing toward our next evolutionary step to a
new, exciting, and freer level of existence.


Text Only Copyright © 1999-2014 Lou Majors