The Eternal Cycle, or our repetitive journey
as life, is always from energy to


1) We start as unintelligent energy


2)We evolve or unfold as organisms developing
the objective awareness and intelligence to
know our self as


3) conscious energy and a ‘creator‘ – the
force in existence that collapses infinite
possibilities into realities.

For the complete explanation:
The Eternal Cycle


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Charles Darwin recognized the mechanics of evolution but he missed the underlying purpose ..
where it was headed.

Evolution’s ultimate drive was not the strongest most capable organism although it appeared
that natural selection was the drive.

“Evolution is consciousness gaining the intelligence to know itself as creator.”
Lou Majors

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Certain Alexandrian scholars knew the truth and it was actually put on display in Egypt in 330BC.

Jesus knew the truth (John 10:34) but realized we were too ignorant and primitive to receive it then.
Every cycle of existence our primal drive and instinct is to know our self.

Clawing our way through millenniums of primate nonsense we finally have a clear view … it’s simple
… it’s powerful. The next step is the courage and focus to step up and live it. STEP3.

Text Only Copyright © 1999-2015 Lou Majors