Well let me see … 200,000 years as a primate or mammal believing reality
is a chaotic landslide of random pain and violence, and in particular
believing there is nothing we can do about it but deal with it and try
to survive (not to mention being bullied and ruled by Alpha male

JESUS and BUDDHA (the main one) left some hints but it was too early.
Too soon? Turned into religions and got twisted into the shape of a
primate mind … 3D only, and fight or flight.

People gripe about the information era, our lack of genuine social skills,
and our intense self-centered interests.

Well, good on us (as the Aussies say)!

Our genuine self is sovereign and powerful and decides what our realities
will be, but not like a fairy tale with magic words … it takes understanding
how it works,desire, focus, and self examination to evolve but all the
elements are in place.

THAT’S why I made my blog of 7 years into a how-to guide for anyone to
free their self from the CRAZY world of Homo Sapiens.

Are you in?


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STOP Being Down To Earth – Be Practical And EVOLVE!


WHAT do you have to gain?

Keep reading ….

Stronger mental capacity and focus because you are totally present.

Better prepared to make choices and solve challenges because of your access
to infinite sources.

Total autonomy – self-governing in all aspects – the capacity of a rational
individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision without bowing to another.

Total flexibility – able to be anywhere to experience new venues and gather
information with no restrictions.

Omnipresence -be at more than one place at a time.

Ability to heal oneself at all levels and experience altered states of
being including BLISS at will.

And I could go on …
living as source has INFINITE BENEFITS versus the impractical limitations of living as a primate or hominid.

See background info on the internet era and why it indicates our
imminent evolution as a species.


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WHY Your Kids Are Smarter Than You And Will Leave You In The Dirt!

In a nutshell, they exercise their minds to think in more and more complex ways AND move at speeds that makes most of the other
primates on our planet look like cavemen, or ok tree men,

We didn’t see this coming when we bought them those silly games eh?

They are expanding their minds at lightning speeds breaking down all the barriers and limits you and I felt ‘safe’ in, and I have news for you. When they learn to move their consciousness beyond their bodies in our snug little 3D world. WATCH OUT!

Oh, but you may say I’ve graduated from college, have my PhD, traveled around the world, worked as a nuclear physicist, stored mountains of
facts and information in my mind and I can build a log cabin from
scratch …

HELLO? Big frekkin’ deal!
I’m talking about training their minds to think and move in infinite and multidimensional ways. I know you think I’m just crazy … we’ll see …
I’m already doing this but can’t share because too many people are still stuck in the dirt. At least don’t forget to look over your shoulder and
when you see it happening try not to look surprised.

THEY will be the new species I talk about and am attempting to live in my book STEP3: A Supreme Being’s Guide To Existence.

For more on the internet and our imminent evolution as a species:
WHY The Internet Era Indicates Our Evolution



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Do We REALLY Create Our Own Realities?


Does our soul give birth to our realities?

Existence is a vibrational fractal pattern which unfolds into infinite sub patterns reaching
a zero point only to collapse and start over ad infinitum.
See The Eternal Cycle

Maybe we could imagine it as such:


Or as such:


It is a unified vibrational field of expression but from our soul’s objective perspective
appears as separate environments, objects, people, and events. I believe through our mind
we choose and assemble (create?) our view of our portion of infinity we can be aware of
that we call ‘reality’, but as science is starting to verify it is all (any possible
combination) already present.

So if we define ‘reality’ as our individual assembly or view of existence, then YES we
give birth to these ‘views’ or ‘realities’ BUT is existence waiting for us to make
choices to create them? I don’t think so.

We are riders on an infinite unfolding roller coaster ride and man what a rush eh?




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