As spirits, why did we need to go through the experience of polarity/opposites/separation
known in myth as the Tree Of Good and Evil?

The nutshell answer ‘to know infinity’ or
all the aspects of our Self in infinite expression.

A longer answer: Why did we need to experience separation or polarity?
to gain knowledge,to become intelligent in order to know (true knowledge
comes from being or experience) and understand the fullness
of our self and it’s expression.

See The Eternal Cycle for more.


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Nothing is wrong … there is no enemy … not even your ego …. not even the
resistance in our resonance which keeps us from tuning in to the main frequency
all around us the bliss of our collective essence – unconditional love. It’s not
a mistake that we are individuals for trillions of years each cycle (source – Vedas).

Division and polarity creates patterns, forms,universes, realities, beings who can
think and organize and figure existence our self out and surrender to swim in the
bliss and come out as an individual to share with others how to get in the ‘pool’,
and come out and create for fun, for joy .. no mistakes.

Unconditional love is a state of being, a vibrational level, not a person judging
or not judging people and behaviors. It’s all good even your ego.

Nothing is right that nothing is wrong!

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Irony and more irony …..
I’ve taught classes on ‘infinite thinking’ and how our progenitor’s habit of
‘fight or flight’ imprinted humans so strongly that we approach all problems
or challenges with an either/or approach. Ex. “I can do this or I can do that”
I studied and practiced the Eastern philosophies of dropping the mind, ego,
and merging withall as nothingness (that had less appeal at the time and
didn’t really work for me then) AND I practiced the Western practice of
finding God and heaven through ACTION .. believe, act on it …
leading to creating as spirit.

Okay, here’s the irony – I either/or-ed it! LOL
I thought it had to be one or the other and I had more results with the ACTION
or energy side of consciousness being programmed in the West. The truth is duh ..
consciousness is awareness (no action – being ) and energy (action – creating)
simultaneously, all the time because it has those two characteristics or nature.
I knew that but didn’t apply it here until I experienced it first hand.

I’ve said all that to share this:
As conscious beings, or I like to call us ‘Supreme Beings’, we are both and can
do both. I can create (my reality consciously and enjoy it) or I can go for a
swim (I call it) and drop the ‘me’ and all separation to feel the luscious
high of merging with the presence of everything. Joy joy joy!

We are a Supreme Being and the Supreme Beingness!
Man it great to be a Godster!

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girl in bliss

Remember this exercise I shared in STEP3?
EXERCISE TWO – SPREADING OUT SIT and pay attention to your breathing as you calmly breathe in and out. NOW as you breathe out, while sensing your consciousness inside your head, feel it expand to the edges of the scene you are perceiving. THEN on the inhale feel your consciousness completely retracting with your breathe back into your body. This exercise is exhilarating and is a blast to play around with.

In doing this I always felt bigger – like Lou’s presence is now everything and it works … expanding my field or presence as my whole reality but still something separate from everything in my mind.

When I enter the field of unconditional love or bliss I lose or surrender any part of ‘me’ with any concept of ‘me’ as separate from everything, ..the all.
I let go of any resistance I have to anything and everything being separate in any way from me.

The moment ‘I’ think or speak ‘I’ come out of bliss and back to ‘Lou’.
It’s like the resistance we create to be a part in the all is what keeps us from experiencing this energy … this joy.

It’s like we exist in this beautiful rich sea of love and bliss all the time but the fear that causes us to resist ANYTHING as ‘not me’ keeps me from feeling and enjoying this bliss. And words trigger a sense of separation as they are based on communicating with a ‘other’ being who think they’re separate. Don’t get me wrong I still think part of our joy is to be creators and we’re not meant to be blissful zombies all the time, but our primal state is bliss and I believe we are meant to have access to it plus knowing in reality there is no real separation helps us to raise our vibe and be kind in our cosmic dramas.

This is probably what it’s like when you die .. your resistance is gone and your soul goes into this bliss and you stay there until a separate thought arises again that you want to be separate again for a while and this thought creates a three-dimensional rebirth. Perhaps this is why an orgasm is blissful … two individuals surrender to the idea of separation – they die in a sense, opening a portal in our bliss so a soul can reenter the third dimension.

This why so many people get high … trying to return to the bliss that’s always around us.

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