Stop Giving Your Power To Money


Money is a system of bartering developed by hominid primates who had no idea
of who they are as consciousness.

If you are awake to your identity as consciousness and source then you realize
your three-dimensional reality is completely a reflection of your energetic
vibration, fueled by your thoughts and beliefs about reality, and who you

Money, governments, corporations, and other people have no power over you
unless you give your power away by believing it.

Take your power back by realizing you are the source of your reality and
affirm your desire for joy and abundance by vibrating your expectations
around your supreme power and the abundance which results from
knowing your true self.



 Credit: geralt/Pixabay

Intelligence is the ability to make the best decisions for your self
based on all the available information, and your capacity to
understand it, and more importantly, being able to
act on it.

Historically our intellectual energy has been devoted to longevity
and the ability to enjoy life as a hominid but after years of
accomplishing this I believe intelligence demands that we
ask the question, ‘Is that it?’

What are our future horizons for growth?

Is it really all about machines?

How much do we truly understand about existence itself?

This is why I published The Eternal Cycle‘ in 1999
STEP3: A Supreme Being’s Guide To Existence in 2014.


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You Have To PRETEND!

I know PRETENDING is a kid’s game right?

Whatever it is you want whether it’s an object, event, relationship, or whatever,
we are really seeking the FEELING we release in those situations.

As consciousness, we can ‘pretend’ it’s true (or already so) and trigger the energy
we want to feel. Doing that aligns us with the event. and gives us the 3D result,
it’s that simple.

OR we can learn to create the feelings regardless as that is what we really want.

Jesus said “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray,
believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”MK11:24

PRETEND – hold the energy of it’s presence with you now -and it will come OR just
dig the feelings you create from the idea of whatsoever it is.


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your MIND is the navigator,
your WILL is the engine,
your DESIRE is the gas.

Some say our consciousness takes a form to RELOCATE or SHIFT.

It happens so fast I can’t tell but I do know it works and it’s INSTANT.


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