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My entire reality paradigm must be restructured to fit and flow
with my new understanding of who and what I am and where
I am.

I am – I am always PRESENT – my reality is a reflection of my
beliefs and expectations, and how I feel about myself.

If I don’t live as an awakened creator then I am just another
character in some alpha primate’s play and kingdom.

Man builds a kingdom through outer force, conscious creators
build a kingdom from the inside out.

The most effective mantras to date to create and hold energy
to create: ‘I expect ___’ ‘______ is always present with me’ and
‘________ is present with me NOW’.

Now that I’m awake the past had absolutely no power over me unless
I allow it. It becomes a creative training tool only.

The only one I have to impress is myself… that’s all there is.

The mind is the void and reality, it reflects what I put in it in 3D.
I am the ultimate power as it looks to me for input.


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