How To Get HIGH Without Drugs

The desire to get high is a natural impulse everyone possesses buried beneath layers of
the acceptable ways to pleasure ourself.

Let me explain.

Einstein....well duh...

Our buddy Albert proved everything was energy….
physical matter is compressed energy!

unified field
We live in a sea of energy.

In fact you and I are energy that has evolved objective
awareness and intelligence.

There’s lots of reasons we like to get HIGH…it is a spiritual or energetic experience…
unconsciously we are driven to reconnect with our collective self (or the unified field),
and we want to feel the energy and BLISS of that connection.

As energy we are REALLY already connected to everyone and everything….

Well…you might rightfully ask…why doesn’t it feel true?

Find out everything you need to know is right


Text Only Copyright © 1999-2015 Lou Majors

9 thoughts on “How To Get HIGH Without Drugs

  1. i hope it will work … i’ve seen a movie lately .. it was called “the secret” … it was about energy and the power of energy among humans… i think that this energy has got nothing to do with the brain activity… it’s like yoga… just relax … and think positive… something like this i presume.. anyhow i will listen to your advice… i haven’t got anything left to do😀😛

  2. This really resonates with me. I’ve recently stopped smoking marijuana. I could feel connected to energy and even feel as though I were INTEGRATED with other objects and that’s why I smoked. I would love to do this without marijuana, and just tried it, but it’s not quite the same, however, this is the first time I tried. I will definitely try again.

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